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The information provided is important in achieving the financial freedom. For a deeper insight into FOREX specifications and for obtaining the basic practices we recommend you to apply for the basic training.

Throughout this session, you will be able to understand:

  1. What is Forex
  2. Forex market participants
  3. How to market participants
  4. How to make money in Forex
  5. Risk assessment and profits
  6. Myths about Forex

Forex Market

International market where the participants gain from the difference of the international exchange rates.

What is forex 

In English, “Foreign Exchange” – International trade, transactions taking place over the Internet using a trading system.

Many believe that FOREX trading is the same as the stock exchange, but it is not. In some aspects are similar, but there are significant differences. These differences can help you assert confident “FOREX trading – is more interesting and more accessible towards the normal activities of the Stock Exchange”.

Forex trading is also a market where the currency can be traded electronically, a process that can be done through any authorized bank for this, even if it is on the other end of the globe.

How to start Forex Trading?

To start trading on the Forex market you need a set of specific knowledges and a computer with internet access!

If you want to start trading on the financial market, to buy and sell at the most favorable course without extra fees, you should:

open a real account to our company that offers trading services on the FOREX market

download the trading platform

install it onyour computer, laptop or smart phone

or to take advantage of using a “personal Trader”

The advantages of Forex Trading

This is the main advantage of the Forex market towards trading on the exchange of securities or any other asset. You can earn independently and also to be at your job anywhere in the world.

Another advantage is the work hours on the Forex market – trading takes place in a certain period of time, five days a week, unlike the Stock Exchange that it has a certain time depending on the country.

Forex VS stock Markets

FOREX, as the Stock Exchange has several standard sizes of contracts, like goods that have quality standards and delivery volumes.

On FOREX, like on the Stock Exchange, exists mandatory regulations and oversight bodies that protects the interests of all participants and the pricing mechanism based on bid and ask. And of course, as the stock exchange, there are traders and investors who seek to deal with buying and selling foreign currency, for you, through your personal capital.