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Traders' Testimonials:

Beyond Expectation by Nadzirah bt Mohamad: Hai everyone. I was just an ordinary woman who never think about to do something beyond my expectations. My friends have told me about foreign exchange. i have no idea about that. i was google it. i found Teletrade. i came to office. I was interviewed by Mr Sagun. I can’t answer any simple questions of trading. I go through all things that Mr Sagun ask me to do. Started with theory class then practical class. i was really excited to know about trading day by day. now, I was trained to become a profesional trader. Thanks to Mr Sagun, madam Olena, Mr AbdulSamad and Mr Waleed. I will take this apportunity to change my future.

Best Way of Making Money by Lim Chui Ling: Hi Teletrade, I’m happy to be here to share what i feel after ten classes with Mr.Waleed. Before these, i knew nothing about trading although i thought investment is the best way to make money. In this field, I have not only learned about technique and fundamental analysis, but also how to observe my emotional changes and learn to control and improve. I believe that the success only happen on those who always maintain positive emotionally (psychologically). Thank you Madam Olena and Mr.Waleed for encouraging me. And thank you Teletrade.

Found My Right Path by Siti Nooriza: My name is Siti Nooriza, full time master student at UTP. When I first meet with Profit Point for interview, I did not know anything about financial market and what kind of profession it is. They told me to come to the theoretical class as introduction about the company and it services. I got the insight of trading activity and services provided by the company, only then I know that I was at the right path because I do want to know more about Forex trading. Then, I move on with practical class of trading and I am happy that I gained a lot of knowledge about trading strategy in fundamental and technical, the risk management and tools provided to help with the trading activity. I feel good to see that I gain my first profit when I placed the trade during my practical training. It boosts my level of confidence and enhances my skill in strategizing the trading using the right technical tools provided in the platform at that time while comparing it with the fundamental analysis. I even been given opportunities to join master class trading and met with professional trader and they are so kind to share their trading experience. It really built my wills to start my own trading. I can say that at the current state of mine, I have gained the knowledge to become professional trader soon. I want to thank Mr.Sagun, Madam Olena, Mr.Abdul Samad and Mr. Waleed for giving me this one chance opportunity to become reality. I am about to become master trader and I proud to say that.

My Friendly, Patient & Experienced Coach by Jack Ng: Previously I’m a forex trader with other company but didn’t have any much experience on technical & fundamental analysis. Until I’m taken the two weeks practical class of Forex trading from Teletrade. I’m gained knowledge about the trading strategy, risk management, trading tools (trading indicators), fundamental analysis with my friendly, patient & experienced coach Mr. Waleed. After the practical class, I was continue to control my emotion during trading & create my trading plan which is fixed to my own only since each trader need to have their own flexible trading plan & strategy based on anything that I’m learned on Teletrade’s practical class. And very thank you to Teletrade, Madam Olena & Mr. Waleed to giving me another master class to improve & gain more professional skills. Furthermore, I was expected to learn more about the market sentiment & how to combined technical analysis with fundamental plus market sentiment effectively. So far, I’m satisfy the current class & what i have gained to be as a professional trader.